Wicked Waldo’s Whiskeys 3: Southern Comfort Manhattan

14 Oct

This is the third recipe in a new series on this blog.

In honor of my our 50th wedding anniversary (which was yesterday)  I am going to give you my favorite recipe (of which I had two last night and am about have one this morning just to make the pain go away).

SoCo Manhattan

2 Ounces of 70 proof SoCo (do not use any other type as there are several)

1 Capful of Extra Dry Vermouth (I like the one in the green bottle)

1 Spoonful of cherry juice or a dash of cherry syrup (I like the syrup with the same name as the chocolate candy with the peanut butter middle – – – rhymes with “pieces.”)    Damn, I should be getting advertising money from some of these people!

Take a short but wide tumbler (2 inches high by 2.5 inches diameter) and fill it with ice cubes or those little ice thingies that these new refridgerators make – – –  I have called them “ice arcs” in the past but some damn fool thought that it meant “ice arks.” The last time we saw him he was floating away in the arctic on an ice berg.

Pour all liquids over ice half moons in any order you wish.

Glass not full? Add whatever you want. When my wife is looking I add an ice half moon or two – – – if she isn’t looking I fill the rest of the tumbler with SoCo.

Stir, sip and relax.



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