Wicked Waldo’s Whiskeys 4: Waldo Headbanger

15 Oct

This is the fourth recipe in a new series on this blog. I Realize this is redundant because I already told you (above in the title) that this was the fourth post of this series. However, if you had any SoCo Manhattans last night I thought a little redundancy wasn’t out of place.

Waldo Headbanger

(Sometimes referred to as a “Granny Smith” after the apple)

1 Ounce of 70 proof SoCo

1 Ounce of Vodka

1  dash of creme d’menthe syrup (same brand as yesterday, just a different flavor)   

Take a short but wide tumbler full of ice.

(The same tumbler you used yesterday. Can’t seem to find the tumbler? Look in the bottom of the sink – – –  you were probably too blitzed to wash it out last night.)

Pour all liquids over ice in any order you wish.

Glass not full? You know the drill.

Work with me people, work with me. I can’t do this all by myself!

Stir, sip and sit back.

Don’t drink too many of these or you will get a little “green around the gills.”


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