A Day out of the office (and on the ledge)

6 Nov
A day out of the office

In our out; make up your mind.

It was one of those days. You know – – – like the one above. Grey, not much going on. I contemplated leaving the office and going somewhere that I could really enjoy the gloom.

I was having my second cup of coffee when I opened my yap about leaving early. Several others said they felt the same way.

Now I was boxed in. Either I retracted my words or continued on. I knew what the result would be. Everyone else would run to the boss and ask to leave early. He would say “OK” until there was only a skeleton crew remaining. Then when I asked he would have to say “No, I only have a skeleton crew remaining and your skills are required.”

First time I ever heard him say I was a vessel of “skill.” Of course, I was still able to answer the phone and act nonchalant.

I decided to step out of the office for a minute. That is when I saw all those other people also “stepping out for a moment.”

Someone took our photo. That’s me on the bottom left.

They took this other photo looking down on Wall Street.

Wall Street, October 1929


It was a very grey day in October, 1929. A lot of other people also wished to leave the office a little early. Many did.

But not like my friends and I. See just above me. That is “Casual Carl.” He wants everyone to think that nothing bothers him.

After Carl, from left to right is “Studmuffin Sam” who likes to make an appearance for the ladies, then “Jumpin Joe” who was always a hanger-on, followed by several others thinking about making the leap into leaving the office early.

Don’t worry. The company put the nets out early in the morning. Most of us, after some deep thought, decided to go back into the office. After all, it was only money and we had family and friends to enjoy.

Well now, remember, it is only money. So as Bernanke keeps on filling up the coffers with newly inked paper it will be worth even less than it was yesterday. It is only money.

He started with QE1, then QE2 and finally realized that he couldn’t keep on doing sequels. It wasn’t politically advisable. So he did the ultimate QEn; the never-ending gobstopper of all QEs. That way the media wouldn’t be reporting on it every month.

So if you ever think about leaving the office early please think twice. It is not worth it. The gloomy days will eventually disappear and the sun will once again shine – – – it always does.

Sleep on it!


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