An old pair of posts about “The Old Opelika Cotton Mill”

14 Nov

Somehow, and neither of us really know why this happened, Stephanielane2012 and I created two posts that went together. Stephanie’s was a picture post and mine was a poetry post. I happened to run across them again and thought someone else may enjoy them. Thanks for listening.

The Short Stories of Waldo

This post was inspired by a picture post by stephanielane2012.

My deepest thanks to her for an excellent post.


Children go home after a ten hour day,

Hardly time enough to eat or play,

And a fancy personnel office ‘cross the dusty street,

Paint on architecture peeling,

Tired old faces inside dealing,

Forever anguishing how to make profit and payroll meet.


Rusty railing to the street leading,

Staircase maintenance needing,

The ancient concrete steps now beginning to crumble,

The state interceding with a goad,

“Go apply at Frederick Road,”

While the old neglected stairway continues its tumble.


Water works alias “Fifteen thirty four,”

Above the abandoned vine sealed door,

A lonely pillow trapped between window pane and shade,

The reservoir still standing proudly,

Screaming “OPELIKA MILL” loudly,

However the memories of old workers continue to slowly fade.


The brick cataract, eyeless windows,

Whistles when cold…

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