18 Nov



“JUSTICE” A depiction of one of the Seven Virtues by Pieter Breughel, c. 1560

When you get through reading this please click on the picture to enlarge it. Notice anything? Yep. This was justice back in the good old days. Maybe I should have titled it “REVENGE.” Look in the bottom left corner – – – they are water-boarding that poor slob.  Couldn’t leave it there; they had to put him on the rack and increase his inseam measurements a bit.

And in the top center – – – Torquemada would have been beaming with pride at the way they dispensed justice. Hog-tied that poor guy – – – backwards – – – and then hung him out to dry.

We’ve come a long way baby. If todays crowd only knew what they were saying when they called for “Peace and Justice.”

Don’t get all up in my grill over this. I didn’t make all those reproductions of this. I simply made a sketch for my own personal use.

Just wanted to point out that water-boarding isn’t something you guys recently invented.

But I do have to admit; this posting is really a little wierd (at best). My excuse for a vanity card! Hey, if Chuck Lorre can have vanity cards why can’t I?



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