31 Dec



Gear Head


I revolve to make more days and nights.

I revolve to rotate my four doors for exit and entry.

I revolve my credit to pay my debts.

I revolve to teach children how to see the whole earth.

I revolve to warm everything in the microwave.

I revolve to cool the whole room.

I revolve to pump water out of Holland’s canals.

I revolve to allow junior to peddle around the neighborhood.

I revolve to allow The Lone Ranger to shoot at bad guys.

I revolve to get the bush plane to remote areas.

I revolve to ensure that the solar system works in unison.

I revolve to keep the auto moving forward.

I revolve to puree all the fruits.

I revolve to keep time.

I revolve to make the car go in the right direction.

I revolve to get this old black…

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