The Re-sourcing of America (A review of the necessary)

6 Feb

The Re-Sourcing of America

Waldo Tomosky    12/4/11

It all started as a grass roots movement.

It was not out of political desire but rather necessary for survival.

It occurred so quickly that neither local nor federal governments could stop it.

On the other hand it was those same governments that made it happen.

Must I correct myself so soon? I must if I wish to keep my integrity. It was the federal government who made it occur. On the other hand it was the local governments that allowed it to happen.

We once thought that there are only a few people who understand economies and how they work.

There were several economists each professing opposing ideas on economics. How could such a group of august elites not agree on something so important? It was probably because they worked from a theoretical base. They lived in the ether of learned institutions and were often plucked out of those towers to advise government officials.

It was a closed loop system that walled out reality. They never went to a grocery or clothing store on a regular basis. Therefor they never saw it coming. It was like a bullet train; fast, silent and unable to stop on a dime.

Thankfully others did see the handwriting on the wall. They were not supposed to see it. The Federal Reserve never made a peep about what they were up to. Only a few in the federal government knew about it. However, the common man, the hoi polloi, the people, the rabble, the riffraff, the herd, the great unwashed; they saw it clearly and concisely. Their job was to survive and to ensure that their families survived.

Even those on Wall Street never saw it coming. They, also, were operating with their heads in the clouds. They were joyfull with the idiocy of the Federal Resere System; those short sighted little greedy bastards.

Troubles in Europe were yanking the stock market up and down like a yo-yo. Someone was playing the market for a sucker but the wheeler-dealers saw an opportunity to make a quick buck. The following was their knee-jerk investing scheme.

The stock market would tank one day. They would buy. The stock market reacted to their purchases and prices would rise. They would sell. Day after day, week after week, this was the norm and everyone accepted it; or rather loved it for what it was, devious, almost diabolical.

What Wall Street never saw, due to their greed, was that the Europeans were attempting to save the Euro. That last statement deserves clarification. They were not hiding the fact that they had to save the Euro from the poor policies of Greece and other mismanaged states. What they were doing, in collusion with each other, was controlling the market through a series of planned good and bad decisions; aptly carried out and publicized.

Germany and France would agree to a big bail out. The market would skyrocket on the good news. Greece would decide to have a referendum to determine if the people wanted a bail out. The market would tank on the news of such a stupid idea. Germany and France would put pressure on Greece. The market would skyrocket. Then Italy would claim to be near bankruptcy. The market would tank. The whole European Union would put pressure on the United States to help out with the International Monetary Fund. The market would skyrocket. This went on month after month.

The people in the market were making big money due to these wide swings. However, what was going on in Europe and the United States was a redistribution of money. Those countries were also buying low. Their surreptitious entry into the markets allowed them to fleece pension funds, university endowments and other such large holdings on both sides of the Atlantic. The fleecing of the sheep was exchanged for gold, silver, platinum and other solid commodities. Prices steadily climbed for precious metals and other natural resources.

A few intelligent men caught on; or at least they suspected. Modern communications, social networks and close friendships voiced those suspicions in public. Other voices spoke in a lower tone with Email and closed messaging. It happened so fast that neither the federal or local governments caught on. The feds were too busy listening in on terrorist phone calls and Emails. The locals were too busy filling out forms for federal and state grants.

These critical few women and men decided to take some action. They saw that their currency was becoming useless due to the inflation caused by the feds using “Quantitative Easing.” To nebulize it even farther it became QE1, QE2, QE3, etc.. That was the government’s euphemism for “cranking up the federal printing presses.” The feds tactic of keeping this quiet even lulled them into a false sense of “my God, this is really working as long as we don’t tell the bourgeois, the philistine, the middle class.”

However, the middle class was already on to them, the European tactics, and the One World political strategy.

Bartering had been attempted in the past. The Federal Income Tax had forced people to consider an underground economy. But it was lopsided. The only people who could hide a decent amount of transactions were barbers, restaurateurs and other service industries. Those who worked for others had federal taxes withheld from their wages. It was almost hilarious. The government did not trust the people to pay their income taxes. Yet the government publicly wrung their hands over why the people did not trust them.

Minor amounts of bartering continued at flea markets, swap meets and gun shows. This was not enough to sustain an edge against inflation caused by QE6. Mom and Pop shops started offering goods to each other. First it was a country butcher offering his services to a farmer for part of the livestock that he fileted and packed. Then it was the hardware store owner trading some nuts and bolts for a lube job at the local service station. Soon the fast food franchisee was trading meals with the snow plow guy for a clean parking lot. Bartering soon fanned out to most everyone.

Those who still had gold necklaces, bracelets, rings and other gold trinkets had something to barter with. Because governments were buying up all the gold with other people’s money the price of gold had risen to $4,000 per ounce and the latest QE was pushing it up even farther. Copper, brass, aluminum and junk steel were also on the rise. Farmers were bringing old equipment, which for years had been rotting in the field, to the scrap metal dealers. Common thieves were taking the copper wire from the signal paths along the railroad tracks. Raw materials were becoming King.

Silver was easier to handle because it was not as valuable; therefore, the pieces were a little larger than the gold. It also turned into the currency it once was. Silver coins held their worth. Not because of their face value but because of their silver content. Other forms of silver were also used as currency. Slot machine coins from various casinos started turning up. They had previously been sitting in jewelry boxes gathering dust and recreating memories. Other memories surfaced. The love token was one of those items. Love tokens were made from silver ten cent pieces. Engravers were employed to remove a thin top surface from the coin leaving a pair of initials for the lovers. Small hearts and flowers also adorned the love token. It was amazing how many love tokens still existed. It was even more amazing that people were so desperate that they parted with them.

Several metropolitan areas used transportation tokens for coinage. Antique collectors and pawn shops had bags of these tokens. They never knew what they were going to do with them. They were just too ornate to throw out. Saving them turned out to be a good decision. Material wise they were worth nothing. As a currency they turned out to be priceless. Local teams of people were set up to value various items. They took a shine to the transportation tokens. Each metropolitan area had their own tokens with the identification embossed in them. Identification and authentication was a snap. Counterfeiters attempted to create these but the original material that they were made from was hard to identify and therefore hard to duplicate.

Inflation continued beyond everyone’s wildest nightmare. It was not long before people who had a necklace were cutting it apart, link by link. One link, if it were heavy enough, would buy a slab of meat. If not, then a loaf of bread. Those who trusted each other readily traded gold links for other valuable commodities. Gold, rather than dollars, became the accepted currency. Counterfeiters soon moved in with fake gold. This caused a bonanza for local jewelry store owners. Citizens brought their gold links for the owners to assay and certify. The jewelry assayer took one of every ten links for his services. In return the owner of the gold received a small glassine envelope containing one link. The envelope was stapled to the certification papers which stated the carat value and weight of the gold link.

These became the currency of the common citizen. Those who never owned gold or who had sold their gold much too early were left at the mercy of inflation. It was not kind. Other types of currency came to use; labor, personal service and humiliation. It was much worse than the depression of the early 20th century. Back then even the gypsies found a way to survive. But now there was degradation for those on the lowest rungs.

Taxes plummeted due to this underground economy. The governments, both federal and local, attempted to step in. However, it was much too late. The citizenry had known that they were not allowed to create a new currency. Trading and bartering were undetectable. Assaying and certifying the value of gold was “deemed” to be creating a new currency. The jewelers had anticipated this. Discussions had been held as to how to protect the jewelers from governmental charges. The citizens agreed to clog the courts beforehand. They scoffed at parking tickets, moving traffic violations, tampered with electric and water meters, purposely drove through red lights with spy cameras, ignored toll booths; all to the consternation of their local governments.

They filed false income tax forms, refused to file paperwork for the sale of long guns, crossed international borders without proper paperwork, thumbed their noses at useless EPA rules, failed to file any business documents and threw their OSHA manuals in the dumpster. The federal courts also became clogged.

What could the federal and local governments do? Nothing. There no longer was a tax base. All governments, federal and local, atrophied to a skeleton crew. There was no EPA, no OSHA, no Department of Education, no interstate commerce clause; no one to enforce the rules that the federal government had passed to increase its own power. The citizens, realizing that there had to remain some control, kept only their state governments financed. State’s rights had returned to where they belonged.

It was a new day, but in an old way. Freedom from tyranny had won out in the end.

Public employee unions collapsed. Free from regulation, businesses grew in number and flourished with profit. Unemployment figures dwindled. Small crews of public works got the necessary jobs done. States used their own money to build and repair highways and bridges. River masters, mountain masters and other self-proclaimed controllers of man were humiliated out of business. River commissions and other interstate controllers competed for the rights to do whatever was best for the economy, not for what was “nice, decent or human justice.”

The United States became strong again based on the ideals that our founders had left us. The constitution and bills of rights once again held a place of honor and were taught in our schools. The protection of our borders and way of life was maintained with strong state militias. They protected us, as before, from both external and internal enemies. Prayers, Hebrew, Muslim and Christian were once again allowed. Parents did not feel that the public schools had absolute control over their children.

The government had been re-sourced through the natural resources of its citizens.

    • © Copyright – Waldo Tomosky


7 Responses to “The Re-sourcing of America (A review of the necessary)”

  1. Waldo "Wally" Tomosky February 6, 2013 at 3:29 am #

    Reblogged this on waldotomosky and commented:

    Please pay attention to what is going on around you. We are at the tipping point

  2. Virginia Llorca February 6, 2013 at 4:04 am #

    Still, it is a loop isn’t it?

    I so fear for my wonderful grandchildren, and I have nothing to leave them but some DNA.

    • Waldo "Wally" Tomosky February 6, 2013 at 11:57 am #

      If only we could all wake up and scream at the same time maybe someone would listen. But I really fear rampant inflation will hit us. The government and Wall Street are only concerned with the short term because that is what serves their purpose.

  3. ssrijana February 6, 2013 at 4:08 am #

    what happens in USA affects the rest of the world directly or indirectly ,now or later but it always does especially the economics of inflation

    • Waldo "Wally" Tomosky February 6, 2013 at 11:58 am #

      I believe you are correct. Maybe the other countries should also start screaming at us.

  4. The Balsamean January 26, 2014 at 6:48 pm #

    The trouble with this kind of utopian vision is that half the country has “the other kind” of vision, and both are sell-outs. It’s been running roughly 50-50 for a long time, and the plutocracy seems to like it that way.

    Neither side is winning these days, because at the top, both sides have sold out to those running the markets: Wall Street, banks, giant corporations. They are the winners, with no ideology beyond simple greed (mainly). Greed co-opted the system to make the economy wholly dependent on consumerism and credit. Whoever dies with the most toys wins (or stock, or money, or land, etc.)

    Under that system, it doesn’t matter much who’s in the White House or who has 60 votes in the Senate. The masses will continue losing pieces of the pie to the few, to Wall Street, to the banks, to the greedy politicians at their feet, in the name of something they keep telling us is the American dream, but is now the American disease. Barack Obama and the current makeup of the Senate may be the ultimate proof that the Left serves Money as much as anybody else.

    So we’re stuck in a kind of limbo where power and politics is nearly synonymous with corruption and greed, and those in power on both sides, Left and Right, are not changing it. There is not much voice left for The People (who are truly mostly ignorant).

    It’s not hopeless. It is possible to change it, but something really big has to change, in order for a sensible kind of government to arise.

    When monarchy crashed in the 18th and 19th Centuries, the big change was representative government, through elections. It’s the same big change needed now. We the People are not represented. Money is.

    Until we change the election system, any other significant change inspired by anybody’s utopian vision will be extremely slow and small, if not eternally impossible.

    If, among the masses (70%? 80? 90? 99%?) there are enough natural leaders on Left and Right who can agree on a new way to elect representatives, and take mass action on it, realization of dreams as a nation can happen again. My national utopia is one where representative government more truly represents.

    That’s what I can come up with off-the-cuff in a blog comment. But I realize I left something out. Another critical thing that must change. Education. Ignorant voters are dangerous, as Thomas Jefferson knew. (He and Ben Franklin were down on banks, too.) All my life, every Administration has promised better education, and during that time, our schools have produced increasingly ignorant, unskilled, and blind masses. It’s hard to get them to do anything but be led around by the wallet.

    • Waldo "Wally" Tomosky January 27, 2014 at 12:48 am #

      Thanks. I saw and commented on the other post.
      RIGHT ON O’ King of all that you reign over in Balsamia. Give Buddy a scratch behind the ear for me.

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