26 Apr

Who is the greater; the composer or the pianist who executes the music?

Who is the smarter; the inventor of the algorithm or the programmer who codes it?

Who is the wiser; the old man who gives the advice or the young man who heeds it?

Who is the more beautiful; the model who is on the cover or the photographer who brought out her person?

Who is real salt of the earth; the contractor or the man in the ditch with the shovel?

Who is closer to God; the horticulturist who grafted the new grape or the vineyard master who harvests it?

Who thinks more clearly; the scientist in the laboratory or the person sitting silently in the forest?

Who is the author; the person who wrote the words or the reader who imagined it as he read?

Who should get the credit; the student who came up with the idea or the professor who added his own name?

Who should become rich; the inventor of a product or the factory owner who produced it?

Who should be remembered; the person who wrote the song or the one who sang it?

Who is more creative; the playwrite who imagined it or the actor that put emotion in the character.

Who Created the future; the One who wrote the Book of Love or the two who lived it?


2 Responses to “WHO?”

  1. tomwisk April 28, 2013 at 8:38 pm #

    You’re asking questions that truly can’t be answered. The composer, inventor, author have the initial flash from god (note small g). Without them the idea would wander the cosmos. But, and this is a BIG but, the pianist, manufacturer and the reader are as necessary they are the fulfillment of creative process. They each have separate responsibilities. Not to keep the inspiration bottled up and to see the finished product as a culmination of the thought process and appreciate it. Liked the music. Part of my childhood. Now to write and get two posts ready. Will follow.

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