30 Nov

Police Station


Sorry about yesterday.

I was supposed to tell you how our (me and the two whiners; Joe and Bob) Thanksgiving day went.

So here is what happened.

Of course the turkey was burned – – – not to a crisp but rather crunchy and the black stuff hung onto our fingers. Bob was insisting that we use a knife and fork. Holy cow, what a sissy he turned out to be. So Joe and I just ripped off a drumstick or a wing – – – or whatever we wanted. The charred greasy stuff washed off our fingers with no trouble at all.

Bob, after a few too many Southern Comfort Manhattans, managed to stab himself in the hand while he was trying to slice off some white meat. (Joe and I told him not to be screwing around with the fork and the knife – – – but would he listen – – – NO – – – he just had to do it the girly way).

So that is why I was not able to tell you yesterday.

We spent most of the day in the emergency room with that dork Bob.

While we were there a couple of cops brought in a drunk who had fallen down and banged himself up pretty good.

They were not being very nice to the drunk and so Bob must have felt some empathy for him. Bob, quite unwisely, stepped in and started admonishing the cops.

So after Bob got stitched up we followed him and the cop car to the police station. They booked him but Bob, Joe and I put our money together and had enough to bail him out.

As we were leaving, the desk sergeant asked us how we were getting home. I spoke up, quite bravely if I do say so myself, and said I was driving.

After the blowing up of the balloon, right there in the police station, they let us go. Thankfully all that time we spent in the emergency room had allowed the SoCo Manhattens to burn off.

We went to Fitzsey’s Pub for a quick stop on the way back to my place. We had made an agreement that a few cold beers would taste good.

As it turned out none of us had any folding cash due to us having to bail out that dork Bob. So we laid our coins on the bar and the bartender said it was only enough for one beer.

We ordered the beer and three glasses.

It was the end of a nice day. Tomorrow we are going to wash the Thanksgiving pots and pans.



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