24 Aug


WT: Welcome to “This, That and the Other Thing” Mister Kin.

8 1/2 by 12 Glossy of Mr. Khin

8 1/2 by 12 Glossy of Mr. Khin

MK: I am happy to be here sir.

WT: How are you? It has been a long time since filming “The Wizard of Oz.”

MK: Yes it has. We finished wrapping up the work in 1938.

WT: Yet it wasn’t released until 1939 – – – can you explain?

MK: Yes, there was a lot of editing and film left on the floor.

WT: Amazing! I wouldn’t think there was any film not put to use.

MK: Well – – – in addition to the editing we had a big issue with the actors guild.

WT: What was that about?

MK: The leader of the Evil Flying Monkeys thought the credits were wrong.

Mr. E F Monkey  Thanks to his High School Yearbook "The Abyss" for the image.

Mr. E F Monkey
Thanks to his High School Yearbook “The Abyss” for the image.

WT: How so?

MK: Well, we got billed as the “Munchkin Singers” and he wanted a gentler name also.

WT: Did he offer any suggestions?

MK: Yes; he made two suggestions “The Happy Doormen” and “The Administration.”

WT: That is a shame – – – they will always be referred to as the “Evil Flying Monkeys.”

MK: Why the hell are you asking me questions about a seventy-five year old movie?

WT: I thought it would be good for the readers to understand the context of your book.

MK: There is no context in the movie that would tie in with my novel.

WT: Well then, let us get on with the novel.

MK: You bet your ass we better get on with it or I am walking out of this interview.

WT: Who was Dorothy – – – if not Dorothy from Kansas?

MK: Dorothea Lynde Dix of course.

WT: Who?

MK: Dorothea Lynde Dix; American activist on behalf of the indigent insane.

WT: Indigent insane?

MK: Yes; poor, disadvantaged, underprivileged, necessitous, in need, needful, hard up, in straitened circumstances, poverty-stricken, impoverished, pauperized, destitute, impecunious, penniless, moneyless poor, disadvantaged, underprivileged, in need, needful, hard up, in straitened circumstances, impoverished, pauperized,  – – – those from needy backgrounds.

WT: Oh, yes, the indigent insane.

MK: Yes – – – the deprived and the depraved. Maybe I should have used that as the title instead of “Why Does Dorothy blah blah blah blah.”

WT: Yes. That may have drawn more of the curious thrill seekers.

MK: True. But on the other hand who doesn’t like activism, the American flag and motherhood.


WT: That was a rather discriminatory activist position to take by Dorothy; was it not?

MK: What have you got against poor whack-a-doodles?

WT: Nothing. I just think since the wealthy are more likely to be “coockoo-coockoo” Dorothy should have just been more inclusive.

MK: Well she wasn’t – – – so bite me!

WT: Is your book a biography?

MK: No.

WT: Oh, I see. More of a human interest story I presume.

MK: No. And don’t presume anything about my book.

WT: It is probably best if I allowed you to just prattle on about your book.

MK: You didn’t read it before this interview; did you?

WT: I skimmed through it.

MK: Why don’t you just go skim yourself?

WT: Please Sir! My readers are expecting this interview.

MK: What the hell did you do? Did you advertise that you were going to interview me?

WT: Of course. I thought you may like as big an audience as possible. How else are you going to sell your book?

MK: You think I need you and your stupid blog?

WT: It might help sales.

MK: I have all the sales I need. I have been interviewed by better people than you.

WT: OH YEH? Who for example. I want names!

MK: You want names? I’ll give you names! Oprah, O’Reilly, various NPR staff, and Albert Camus. Oh yes – – – and George Washington Carver.

WT: So what are we doing here – – – having a Chinese Fire Drill?

MK: Looks like it to me.

WT: Thank you very much for agreeing to this interview and review of you book.

MK: You are more than welcome. I hope it increases the ‘LIKES’ and “follows” on your blog.

WT: It has been nice speaking to you sir.

MK: Yeh. Fine. Let’s not ever do this again; real soon, sometime.

WT: Yes my friend. You and your Evil Flying Monkeys!

MK: I was a member of the Munchkin Singers, my good man.

WT: Whatever.


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