20 Dec

Figure of Speach


I once read a simile,

that made me smile,

and an alliteration,

as long as a mile,

something about,

Peter Piper Picking,

but the lineation,

surely not clicking.


Also metaphors,

like flags a’flying,

raining cats and dogs,

aping clouds a’crying,

apostrophe giving life,

imagery clean and concise,

weaving words together,

ending in a neat splice.


We oft’ use ambiguity,

to fog men’s minds,

allowing the reader,

images of all kinds,

and create personification,

the epitome of distillation,

for inorganic representation,

creating images of exemplification.


Oh – – – excuse me,

did I lose the meter?

I am now exposed,

as a poetic cheater,

I never promised you,

to maintain fidelity,

my mind flew away,

in apt sylly-bylity.

Copywrong Wally Tomosky

Copywrong Wally Tomosky




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