The Courtroom of Love

20 Aug


The teacher writ him a memorable rote,

The prosecutor wrote a writ to note:

“He committed very horrible crimes,

And then insisted they were rhymes.”

Poet read the writ and then he stated;

“Dear prosecutor, if only you had waited,

“Teacher told Mother I was, “very bright,”

That’s the main reason that I write.”

Crimes against humanity “simply awful,”

Writ the prosecutor, “quite unlawful,”

“Assault and battery on the public ears,

raising trepidation and auditory fears.”

Poet’s crafty counsel quickly replied,

“My dear client, he was roped and tied,

“He is innocent like you and me,

He wished to please, can’t you see?”

Prosecutor demanded, with a curse,

“Why didn’t he try to write ‘free verse’?”

Poet stood up and addressed the jury,

“Do I look like I’m in a hurry?”

Continuing on Poet said,

“Free verse writers are not too kind,

memories should remain within the mind.

I am…

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