SO, You Wan’na Play Poker Do You?

28 Aug


Lets the basic rules and jargon out of the way first.

These are not “Tough Guy” poker games. They are meant for camping or back yard get-togethers.

There are many different poker games.

Some use up more cards than others. So you should make sure that you do not have so many players around the table that you will run out of cards. Six players can play most games without this concern.

The first thing everyone must do – – – and this is most important – – – is to have the favorite beverage sitting next to them on the table. 

It must be decided, next, what the limits of the game will be; for example 5 cents for each ‘bet’ with a 10 cent maximum ‘raise.’ A bet is the amount a person will bet that he/she has a good hand. The opportunity to bet passes from player to player in a counter-clockwise fashion. A player may ‘pass’ or say ‘by me’ or ‘check’ if he/she does not wish to bet. Or the player my choose to raise the last bet if he/she feels that his/her hand is superior to most hands (has good odds of winning). Lastly a player may say ‘drop’ if he/she has a very poor hand and does not wish to play in that particular game any longer.

Select the person who is going to deal (hand out) the cards for the first game. It is the dealers choice as to what poker game will be played.

The dealer calls the name of the game and asks for every player to ‘ante’ up. This means that each player must place a certain amount in the middle of the table. That amount is called ‘the pot’ and the pot normally increases in amount as each player bets or raises. The initial ante us usually equal to the minimum bet agreed to by the players. Some games call for a high ante when the game being played is typically short or does not require many cards.

STUD POKER  (typically played by 2 to 8 people)

This is a seven card game. Two cards are dealt to each player; face down. The player looks at his/her cards and should memorize them. Bets are made starting with the person to the right of the dealer. If that person bets then the next counterclockwise person says ‘see your bet’ and puts an equal amount into the pot; or, that person can ‘raise’ the bet. And so the betting goes around the table until it reaches the dealer who is that last person that may bet (at that time). Dealer calls ‘pot ready’ to state that everybody has placed their bet and/or raises into the pot. The dealer then deals one card, face up, to each player. Each player now has two cards that only he/she knows the value of and one card face up that all the other players can see. The bets and raises start over again. This ‘face up’ betting continues on until each player has two cards down and four face up for a total of six cards. The pot should have increased greatly in size because there has been one initial bet and four ‘face up’ bets. Once the pot is called ‘ready’ or correct (everyone who has bet or raised has put the right amount into the pot) the dealer deals one more card to each player, face down. The last round of betting then takes place.

GREAT!  We have most of the jargon and one basic game out of the way. The remainder should go a lot easier. Thanks for hanging in!

This is a good place to rank the hands from high value to low value.

Poker hands

Of course there is one missing hand; and that is the highest valued one, THE ROYAL FLUSH.

It is five cards in value order and all the same suit; Ace through 10, eg. Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten all in the same suit. That is the one that the old movies always used on those “River Queen” poker games where the table was turned over, people yelled epithets at each other, derringer pistols jumped out of cuff-linked sleeves and women were overcome by ‘the vapors.’

Now; on with additional poker games.

FOLLOW THE QUEEN (another seven card game)

Six rounds of cards are dealt face up with a round of betting following each round of cards. If a queen comes up then the next card following that becomes the ‘wild’ card. A wild card can be used as any card each player deems it to be. If other queens come up after the initial one then the wild card changes to the new one. The old wild cards revert to their actual face value. The last card is dealt face down. Betting is made and the players show their hands.

SHOW DOWN (Five card game)

A card is dealt to each player face up. Bets and raises are made. This is repeated five times with betting and raising made on each round of cards.

DRAW POKER (Five card game)

Each player is dealt five cards face down. Each player (counterclockwise from the dealer) may place from one to three cards face down on the table. The dealer will give that player an equal number of cards so that the player now has five cards. Then the next person in the clockwise order goes through the same process. This goes around the table; with each player making a bet.

WOOLWORTHS (Five card game)

Each player is dealt a card and he or she then bets. Others may raise. Fives are wild and cost the player the minimum bet. Tens are also wild and cost the player the minimum raise. These costs are placed in the pot along with all the bets and raises.

SPIT IN THE OCEAN (Five card game)

Each player is dealt four cards face down. Bets and raises are made. A fifth card is placed in the middle of the table. That is deemed the wild card for every player. So if a 6 is the wild card and you have a six in your hand that six and any other six you have is wild. Betting and raising is repeated.

BASEBALL (Seven card game)

All threes and nines are wild. Nines are free, threes pay an equivalent to the ante. If a four comes up then the player gets a free card face down.



2 Responses to “SO, You Wan’na Play Poker Do You?”

  1. cindy knoke August 28, 2015 at 3:57 am #

    No, I would never play poker with you Wally, unless we playing for peanuts and had LOTS of peanuts…..

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