Another Cosmos Thingy

6 Sep

Image credit GALEX _ NASA _ JPL_Caltech


Tonight was fairly clear and once again the stars were moving in a counterclockwise motion; barely detectable.

I wondered in which direction the stars in Australia move; clockwise or counterclockwise?

Probably counter clockwise; this would keep everything in order since their toilets flush in the opposite direction from ours. Hell, we wouldn’t want their toilet water to go in the same direction of their stars; that may throw the whole balance of the southern hemisphere out of kilter.

It is a good thing that the English put in place another one of their imaginary scientific thingies; the Prime Meridian. Otherwise we would not know who flushed their toilets on what day or what time. When an astronaut flushes his toilet and he makes one revolution around the earth in less than 24 hours – – – when did the flush complete; yesterday or tomorrow?

And by the way; clockwise or counterclockwise?

Speaking of English science and measurements, what the hell is going on up there in Canada?

I recently went on a fishing trip up in Quebec and filled my gas tank after crossing the border. I was charged by the liter and it wasn’t cheap. When I complained they told me that a liter was selling for several pounds in England so I should not complain.

Of course I had to ask what the conversion was between liters and gallons and pounds and dollars. I was immediately corrected that the terms were ‘litres et des liters et des livres et dollars.

Who needs independence when people are free to speak their tongues; or in Quebec’s case – – – their minds.

So I drove to the nearest trucking firm and weighed my car. Sure enough; I had paid for 28.5 pounds of petrol and was charged 35 loonies.

What a rip-off!

However, we must get back to the earth’s rotation and those twinkly little things up there in the night sky.

“Twinkle, twinkle, little star,

How I wonder how you is,

Up der in da sky so obscure,

I often ponder how youse endure.”

Please excuse my poetry. Sometimes I just get carried away by my mental acuity.

Now back to the USA vs Australia.

We now understand (due to my above brilliant explanation of hemispheres, latitude and longitude) how toilets flush and stars move.

However, the question remains; if the USA and Australia share a common inner core, outer core, Gutenberg’s “D” ring (you gotta be kiddin’ me), mantle inferior, mantle transitional, mantle superior, something called the ‘Zona de baixa velocidade’, not to mention the continental crust and the oceanic crust (scusa’ mi, I guess I did just mention them) and in some obscure place in some obscure language there are also the Asthenosphere and the lithosphere.

I think I have a grasp of the litho (stone or rock) sphere covering the earth but I am having trouble with the Astheno sphere.

The last time I ran into Astheno was in Las Vegas. He had covered my bets on the horses and when I couldn’t pay him back I immediately found there were no limits to his sphere of influence; if you get my drift.

Which brings us to continental drift. I once owned a 1958 Lincoln Continental and it sure felt like it was drifting around the corners. Felt like the tires where still on the ground but the body was connected to the running gear by a slinky.

Is it really true that some engineer invented the slinky but when he divorced his wife she gained control of the company? That was a slinky thing to do.

Oh yes, the core and mantle thingies.

If the USA and Australia share all those inner earth properties – – – then why can’t they share the outer earth measurements? The hobbits shared inner earth thingies and Jabba the Hut shared outer earth properties with Jar Jar Binks.

Why can’t we humans just get along?



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