29 Oct


opening day


It was ten in the evening,

on March thirty first,

my equipment uninspected,

I dreaded the worst.


Imagining rotted line, rusty swivels,

and old dead bait,

I knew when I hit the sack,

it would be very late.


It took time to feed the kids, hug them,

and put them to bed,

fix the washer, gas the car, and – – oh yes,

the dogs had to be fed.


Call the old folks, say hello, and – –

my neighbor wanted to talk,

find my license, cap and coat, and – –

take the wife for a walk.


But when that was all done, and – –

I had time for myself,

I retrieved the pole and waders,

from the top of the shelf.


And talk about dumb luck,

not a thing was awry,

except that the tip of the rod,

was missing an eye.


With a little cursing, glue, and – –

an extra rod tip,

and fine cotton line,

I completed the whip.


At midnight I set the clock,

to five in the morn,

and fell asleep snoring,

like an old factory horn.


I woke up a few times,

1:30, 2:30 and four,

and decided it was senseless,

to sleep any more.


A breakfast of eggs and toast,

while rattling the pan,

awakened the lady, who,

admonished her man.


A last check of equipment,

clothing and lunch,

was all that remained, when,

I noticed the “CRUNCH.”


Of automobile tires,

on new fallen snow,

oh well – – fishing was not really,

where I wanted to go.


snow on opening day

trout and creel with copyright



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