23 Nov


Batman lobotomy


“L’OBOTOMIE” (ləʊˈbɒtəmaɪzd) for our friends in Paris who just suffered a ‘setback.’



  1. a) Surgical incision into the frontal lobe of the brain to sever one or more nerve tracts, a technique currently used to treat certain mental disorders such as liberalness but habitually performed in Washington- DC, the West Coast and the East Coast – – – oh yes – – – and in Vermont.
    b) Surgical incision into a lobe of any organ. Sometimes performed in the mid-eastern countries so that the father does not have to purchase a white shotgun for the wedding.
  2. Also called: prefrontal leucotomy – a surgical interruption of one or more nerve tracts in the frontal lobe of the brain: used in the treatment of intractable mental disorders such as ‘being liberal’, kneeling before idols (see global warming climate change) and taxing the workers to give to the idle.
  3. Removal of the frontal portion of the brain in order to; 1) accept ‘miniscule’ fibs uttered by a former first lady, 2) believe that Lurch Kerry has not had a frontal lobotomy, 3) accept the story that global warming climate change is a bigger threat than ISIS, ISIL, DASH (or whatever the current administration is calling it – – – the names have been changed to protect the guilty).
  4. Surgical removal of all senior citizens so that Islamic Terrorists Syrian Refugees can take their place (and their Social Security, and their Medicare, and their identities). Jeez people, work with us; how else are they going to vote if they can’t be vetted?
  5. Planned surgical removal of guns from the cold dead hands of those who cling to guns and religion.




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