“You Picked a Fine Time”

29 Nov




It was in a bar in Scranton,

Across from the pawn shop,

On a bar stool I sipped my ‘Four Roses’,

It was then that I noticed,

Our infamous POTUS,

I sat down and asked him his game.


Then the truth finally hit him,

When he said “I’ll outwit ‘em’,

But I finally quit living on dreams,

I’m hungry for a legacy,

To continue my ascendency,

And money a lobbyist surely brings.”


In the mirror I saw him,

And I closely watched him,

I thought how he looked out of place.

Then in came a woman,

Who sat there beside him,

He had a strange look on his face.


His hands were trembling,

He knew she was dissembling,

For a minute I thought she was dead,

But then he stopped shaking,

His big heart was breaking,

He turned to the woman and said;



“You picked a fine time to leave me Hillary,

With a disastrous foreign policy,

I’m on the nightly Fox News’ pillory,

The world is in bad times,

With those ISIS sad crimes,

Lurch Kerry continues giving them artillery.”



After she left us,

He ordered a whisky,

I thought how she’d made him look small,

The neon lights then reflected,

A man sad and dejected,

His legacy would be nothing at all.


It was a pity,

He repeated his ditty,

I surely thought he’d lost his mind,

The Fed had printed billion$,

His debt was twenty trillion$,

And he kept singing time after time;


“You picked a fine time to leave me Ben Bernanke,

A disastrous monetary policy,

Have left the hoi-polloi jobless and cranky,

The economy is in bad times,

Those inflationary pseudo crimes,

Allowed Wall Street to appear quite swanky.”






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