A DEVINE TRAGEDY: 42. On Magnetism; Part II

21 Dec


Jan Mandyn: The Temptation of St. AnthonyJan Mandyn: The Temptation of St. Anthony

Wishing mightily Fred closed his eyes and raised his arms as if on a cruciform. The breeze caught his cloak and made a web between his body and the upraised arms. The breeze escalated into a wind, the cloak billowed and Fred was lifted from his own feet.

As he sailed over the ocean his body was parallel to the water. Even though the sun was bright there was no reflection of it upon the water’s surface. The sea was clear, as if made of glass.

Fred spoke thus;

“O beautiful and magnetic Sea, what treasures You show to me. There is the Methuselah of the sea, a crustacean with a cloak of many colors. And there, over there, is the fish that never sees two sides to any story, the flounder. Look! The clawless lobster. Always the victim of others hunger. And…

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