About this thing that sits inside Waldo’s skull cavity

I love to write. However, I have no central theme, hardly any continuity and a horrible time keeping my blogs straight. I currently have three blogs including this one.  My current blogs are:


This blog is currently used as a historical/archaeological blog to record fairly serious things. There are old books, poets, artists, engravers, expatriats and even a few sinners (just to keep it interesting).


The title of this blog is “The Short Stories of Waldo.”

So please read away. You can go there and sign up to “follow” if you wish to. I promise that you will enjoy these stories.


Now this blog – – – the one you are currently reading – – –

The blog contains a whole bunch of odds and ends; weird stuff, emotional stuff, cultural items, philosophical meanderings and anything that fits nowhere else. There is something in this blog for everyone and everything for no one. There is even a story about a man who lost his only original thought. Bummer.

Now if you have nothing else to keep you busy please go read the first few pages of my books. The sample pages are free and you can see them right – – – –HERE!


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