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Tocqueville and me; Regarding Goodfella’s

16 May

Tocqueville on Goodfella’s


“It seems that if despotism came to be established

in the democratic nations of our day,

it would have other characteristics:

it would be extensive and milder,

and it would degrade men

without tormenting them.”



According to me


“Beware those who wish to improve the lives of ordinary people.”




Tocqueville and me; Regarding Egalitarianism

15 May





Tocqueville on Egalitarianism




“I want to imagine with what new features


despotism could be produced in the world:


I see an innumerable crowd of like


and equal men who revolve


on themselves without


repose, – – procuring


the small and vulgar


pleasures with which


they fill their souls.”






According to me




“The current concern is that our multitudes lay resting; supported by a false hope.”




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Tocqueville and me; Regarding the university

13 May





Tocqueville on the University




“When I think of the passions of men of our day,


the extent of their enlightenment,


their laborious and steady habits,


the mildness of their morality,


the purity of their religion,


the restraint that almost all


the softness of their mores,


preserved in vice


as in virtue.”




“I do not fear that in their chiefs they will find tyrants, but rather schoolmasters. …”






According to me




“Pop art, pop religion, egalitarianism;


all that is incorporated in


popular culture and


today’s mass media


leads to following;












“The constitution is being redacted by the university.”









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Tocqueville and me; Regarding False Benefactors

12 May




Tocqueville on False Benefactors


“Above these an immense tutelary power is elevated,

which alone takes charge of assuring

their enjoyments and watching

over their fate.

It is absolute,






“It would resemble paternal power if,

like that, it had for its object

to prepare men for manhood;

but on the contrary,

it seeks only to keep

them fixed


in childhood.”


“It likes citizens to enjoy themselves

provided that they think only

of enjoying themselves.”


“It willingly works for their happiness;

but it wants to be the unique agent

and sole arbiter of that.”


“It provides for [everyone’s] security,

conducts their principal affairs,

divides their inheritances,

facilitates their pleasures,

directs their industry,

regulates their estates,

foresees and secures

their [false] needs.”


“Can it not take away from them,

entirely the trouble of thinking,

the pain of living?”



According to me


“They have displaced their instinct

with belief in the ‘common good’,

which is never ‘common’,

and never ‘good’,”


“And then also belief in

‘peace and justice’,

which is never


or just.”


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