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25 Jun

Mr. and Mrs. Ann Tenna are pleased to announced the birth of their son “Flip.”


Mr and Mrs

















Say Goodnight Wally


Now isn’t this a sad state of affairs?

14 May


Untits Ordered

Look here. Yep. That’s supposed to be a chart.

If you don’t believe me click on it to get a better view.

Well – – – it is a chart but it doesn’t depict anything except the fact that this sad sack hasn’t sold a single book in over a month.

People must have caught on to me.

Woe is me, woe is me.

I sit here in my self-proclaimed sorrow, anguish, grief, regret, suffering, agony, misery, wretchedness, distress and pain.

What has caused me to suffer such affliction and tribulation (not to mention hardship, misfortune and calamity).

Oh, sorry. I guess I just did mention them.

So a wise person (female of course) said “Wally, you have to promote, promote, promote.”

So here is where I promote myself, my books, my dreams, my legacy and a little nuttiness. Well – – – maybe a lot of nuttiness.

Click on the following cover picture of one of my books and you will be able to see all fifteen of those wonderful yet oversized missives.

Picture Tales of

You can even “LOOK INSIDE” for a preview of each book.


And they will even show you the cost of each book.

(All superior bargains my friends, at only $2.99 and some at the unheard of price of $3.99.)

Imagine the surprised look on your friends’ faces

as you read these stories around the bonfire.

But don’t use your Kindle Fire  for kindling the fire. 

May the farce be with you.


24 Aug


WT: Welcome to “This, That and the Other Thing” Mister Kin.

8 1/2 by 12 Glossy of Mr. Khin

8 1/2 by 12 Glossy of Mr. Khin

MK: I am happy to be here sir.

WT: How are you? It has been a long time since filming “The Wizard of Oz.”

MK: Yes it has. We finished wrapping up the work in 1938.

WT: Yet it wasn’t released until 1939 – – – can you explain?

MK: Yes, there was a lot of editing and film left on the floor.

WT: Amazing! I wouldn’t think there was any film not put to use.

MK: Well – – – in addition to the editing we had a big issue with the actors guild.

WT: What was that about?

MK: The leader of the Evil Flying Monkeys thought the credits were wrong.

Mr. E F Monkey  Thanks to his High School Yearbook "The Abyss" for the image.

Mr. E F Monkey
Thanks to his High School Yearbook “The Abyss” for the image.

WT: How so?

MK: Well, we got billed as the “Munchkin Singers” and he wanted a gentler name also.

WT: Did he offer any suggestions?

MK: Yes; he made two suggestions “The Happy Doormen” and “The Administration.”

WT: That is a shame – – – they will always be referred to as the “Evil Flying Monkeys.”

MK: Why the hell are you asking me questions about a seventy-five year old movie?

WT: I thought it would be good for the readers to understand the context of your book.

MK: There is no context in the movie that would tie in with my novel.

WT: Well then, let us get on with the novel.

MK: You bet your ass we better get on with it or I am walking out of this interview.

WT: Who was Dorothy – – – if not Dorothy from Kansas?

MK: Dorothea Lynde Dix of course.

WT: Who?

MK: Dorothea Lynde Dix; American activist on behalf of the indigent insane.

WT: Indigent insane?

MK: Yes; poor, disadvantaged, underprivileged, necessitous, in need, needful, hard up, in straitened circumstances, poverty-stricken, impoverished, pauperized, destitute, impecunious, penniless, moneyless poor, disadvantaged, underprivileged, in need, needful, hard up, in straitened circumstances, impoverished, pauperized,  – – – those from needy backgrounds.

WT: Oh, yes, the indigent insane.

MK: Yes – – – the deprived and the depraved. Maybe I should have used that as the title instead of “Why Does Dorothy blah blah blah blah.”

WT: Yes. That may have drawn more of the curious thrill seekers.

MK: True. But on the other hand who doesn’t like activism, the American flag and motherhood.


WT: That was a rather discriminatory activist position to take by Dorothy; was it not?

MK: What have you got against poor whack-a-doodles?

WT: Nothing. I just think since the wealthy are more likely to be “coockoo-coockoo” Dorothy should have just been more inclusive.

MK: Well she wasn’t – – – so bite me!

WT: Is your book a biography?

MK: No.

WT: Oh, I see. More of a human interest story I presume.

MK: No. And don’t presume anything about my book.

WT: It is probably best if I allowed you to just prattle on about your book.

MK: You didn’t read it before this interview; did you?

WT: I skimmed through it.

MK: Why don’t you just go skim yourself?

WT: Please Sir! My readers are expecting this interview.

MK: What the hell did you do? Did you advertise that you were going to interview me?

WT: Of course. I thought you may like as big an audience as possible. How else are you going to sell your book?

MK: You think I need you and your stupid blog?

WT: It might help sales.

MK: I have all the sales I need. I have been interviewed by better people than you.

WT: OH YEH? Who for example. I want names!

MK: You want names? I’ll give you names! Oprah, O’Reilly, various NPR staff, and Albert Camus. Oh yes – – – and George Washington Carver.

WT: So what are we doing here – – – having a Chinese Fire Drill?

MK: Looks like it to me.

WT: Thank you very much for agreeing to this interview and review of you book.

MK: You are more than welcome. I hope it increases the ‘LIKES’ and “follows” on your blog.

WT: It has been nice speaking to you sir.

MK: Yeh. Fine. Let’s not ever do this again; real soon, sometime.

WT: Yes my friend. You and your Evil Flying Monkeys!

MK: I was a member of the Munchkin Singers, my good man.

WT: Whatever.


2 Jul





For the northeast this plant is magnificent. We purchased it from a lady, now deceased, who would sell nothing that she had not raised herself in our zone.

Her hardy Hibiscus is as magnificent as these are. They will bloom in a week or two. I will post a picture of those also.

The little holly is a holly tree which is not supposed to grow in our area. It came from a cutting of our next door neighbor who brought it up north with him when he moved here from West Virginia.

I wish I could say something nice about our sun dial but, alas, it is nonfunctional in our time zone.






12 Jun

In 1893 an awful thing occurred.

An insane woman was taken to trial for poisoning and shooting her two children.

The trial record confirms this act.
On July 28th, 1893, the Honorable Frederick Smythe and a jury hear testimony surrounding the tragedy.  A young boy, his father, several doctors and a janitor are the witnesses.
Fannie Korn is the perpetrator and Edwin is the only survivor with any form of sanity remaining.
And so they interrogate poor Edwin on the stand. Not a good thing for an eleven year old boy to endure.
They ask him about the liquid creosote that was used as poison.
The court asks Edwin about his mother’s strange behavior; the moving from city to city.
They then asked the doctor to give his explanation of Mrs. Korn’s condition.
The court decided not to go any farther and had Mrs. Korn committed.
And the case was closed.

Or was it?

What happened eighty years later that would shake this whole case to the core?

At the end of this transcript is a note that would indicate that Edwin Waring may not have been as innocent as his testimony indicated.
Was he an intelligent lad or was he a disturbed lad or was he covering for his mother?
So on the seventh of November, 1970, Edwin Waring, an old man of eighty-eight years by this time, was convicted of poisoning his entire family which consisted of 48 people. He also admitted to the poisoning of his little sister Florence.
No one – – – as yet – – – has found the case of Edwin Waring poisoning his entire family.
Is it a hoax
If so, how was the inscription at the bottom of the case entered?
Was it a hoax perpetrated by a disturbed person that somehow had access to the archives?
Was it Edwin himself that found a way into the archives and added the note.
Was he attempting to exonerate his mother?
Or was it a family member who read about Fannie Korn on some “ancestry” site and could not face the truth?
Who knows of Edwin Waring? No entry of a family mass murder of this size and type has ever been recorded.

What is the truth about the Waring Tragedy?


Hey you, hey you
Devil’s little sister
Listening to your
Twisted transistor
Hold it between your legs
Turn it up, turn it up
The wind is coming through
Can’t get enough
A lonely life
Where no one understands you
But don’t give up
Because the music do
Music do, music do
Music do, music do
Music do, music do
Because the music do
And then it’s reaching
Inside you
Forever preaching
“Frig you too!”
Your scream’s a whisper
Hang on you
Twisted transistor
Hey you, hey you
Finally you get it
The world ain’t fair
Eat you if you let it
And as your tears fall
Your breasts, your dress
Vibrations coming through
You’re in a mess
A lonely life
Where no one understands you.
 ©W. Tomosky♠


14 Apr

Now here is something that I had never heard of before but apparently the CPAs have.

Here was my delema.  When I went to balance my checkbook I was off $630. Now it was in my favor so I was pleased (FOR JUST ABOUT 20 NANOSECONDS). 

So I went over my figures again – – – and again – – – and again – – – and again.

Two hours later I said “well, tomorrow is another day and I will probably find it immediately.

Tomorrow was another day and another two hours with a headache. I was flummoxed.

So I accepted my fate and went to see my local branch bank manager. And he said; “Probably a transposition – – – rule of nines you know.”

I looked at him dumbfoundedly and blurted “what the heck is that? Can you explain?”

So he said “The error is divisable by nines so you probably made a transposition error somewhere.”

Then he took 20 seconds and banged out the numbers I had calculated for outstanding checks and deposits not in the bank statement.

He informed me “Nope, your numbers are correct. What you have in your checkbook is what you have in the bank.” He then tore the paper with those figures off his roll in his calculater and sent me on my way.

So I went home thinking about it. “Yes, $630 is exactly divisible by nine.”

When I got home I looked at my figures and there it was; I had transposed two numbers in my total of outstanding checks and subtracted it from the bank balance.

So the reason for this post is simple. If you can’t balance you checkbook and can’t find a simple addition or subtraction error then it is probably a transposition error. Who knew?

For example;   540-320=220   but 540-230=310   

Now 310-220= 90 (The amount in error is evenly divisible by 9) 

WOW! Gadzooks and all that stuff.

Now I should have known where the problem was because I often transpose two numbers. The worst case was years ago when I was reverse engineering some microprocessor code. Can you imagine finding THIS error in the middle of four lines of similar garbage?



Well, that was my punishment for attempting a reverse engineering feat.


26 Oct

DATELINE:  17 February 2012;  Smalltown, USA

GE has made a move to buy as many as 25,000 rechargeable cars, almost half of them from GM.

This is not a good business case.

The $41K plus Volt is designed to only go on electric for the first 25 to 50 miles. After that an onboard gasoline engine starts charging the battery.

The rental car companies have ordered only a few hundred of the electric vehicles, many of them Nissans.

What does GE see that the rental car companies don’t?

FedEx and UPS have a fleet of about 175,000 vehicles.

Their “alternative fuel” portion is only 3,000 vehicles; less than 2%.

Of these 2,200 run on compressed natural gas, liquefied natural gas, propane, hydrogen fuel cells and the remainder are electric or hybrid.

Therefore only one half of one percent (.004) of the delivery fleet is electric.

Again, companies that depend on their vehicles to make a profit do not appear to see an advantage to electric vehicles.

Assume that the average “business use” for a vehicle is 100 miles per day. The yearly mileage would be 100 x 5 (days/week) x 50 (weeks/year):

25,000 miles per year.

The first 30 miles per day, on a Volt, would have no hydrocarbon emissions IF you do not count the tons of coal used in an electric generating plant to recharge the Volt.

That means that 70% of the 25,000 miles per year use some amount of gasoline to recharge the engine. Assume that a Volt gets 50 miles per gallon while charging. This results in 18,000 recharging miles per year divided by 50 miles per gallon. 

Final figure; 300 gallons of gas required to run a Volt each year.

$3.50 per gallon for 300 gallons results in a cost of $900 dollars for gas per year.

Assuming a standard gasoline engine uses 30 miles per gallon; $3.50 x 25,000 miles equals $3,000 per year.

We have saved $2,100 every year using a Volt as opposed to a Chevy Impala.

However the Impala cost is $23,000 as opposed to the $41,000 cost of the Volt.

But wait, the taxpayers are reimbursing the Volt buyers $10,000. So the cost of the Volt is really only $31,000.

The taxpayers are subsidizing GE $110 million dollars for the 11,000 Volts that they plan on buying.

But GE didn’t pay any taxes last year so it is a real savings for GE; not just “tax credits.”

Now most fleet vehicles are turned in every 25,000 miles or one year of use. This makes our calculation simple.

Cost savings for raw car, Impala over Volt = $8,000 per vehicle

Cost savings for fuel, Volt over Impala = $2,100 per vehicle year.

Difference?  Using a VOLT =  A loss of  $5,900 for every Volt that GE buys.


There does not seem to be one.

There seems to be a POLITICAL CASE though.

Oh yes, I should mention that the local fire companies are getting special training to handle fires in electrical vehicles. You should determine if your local fire company is required to wear HAZMAT suits in that situation.

My work here is done.