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7 Jul

Do you have a “not too smart” phone and have trouble sending those prized videos to your computer for safe keeping?

Here is a simple solution that most anyone can put to good use.

I will not belabor the issue because I believe the diagram speaks for itself (other bloggers often say that so that they will not have to explain something complicated; therefore, I believe that my use of that phrase speaks for itself).

But for starters, allow me to get you headed in the correct direction.
Simply turn on your phone and bring up the video you wish to use. Plug in the ‘Video Sink” and start the video. This sink will hold videos up to 1 minute (or 4 ounces depending on your preferred measuring method). For those in countries other than the USA it will hold up to .003 fortnights or 0.1 liter (again depending on whether you took the video in the rain).

Oh yes, I almost forgot. Plug the other ‘distribution port” into your computer (this will work for laptops or desktops; just in case any of you still have a desktop).

Now, when the video has finished be careful not to spill any pixels that are in the video sink.

Carefully pour the video into to fun funnel and they will be available on your computer.

Say “Goodnight” Wally

“Goodnight Wally”



14 May

I think, but not very well anymore, therefore, however, I also am.


1 May



Poor Old Galileo Galilei

18 Feb


This is what I saw today.

Moon, Sun and You

The black box represents my window (right next to my easy chair and my mixed drink).

And the moon looked just like that (at 4:00 PM believe it or not). Brightly lit on the top right side and not much to see on the bottom left.

And I said to myself; “Self!  Someone could probably determine the distance of the moon and the sun with a simple triangle.”

And the self replied back to me; “Someone already did that. I think he was an Italian.”

“Oh yeh” I answered to myself. “Someone by the name of Galileo or something like that. He had two names like the Welsh did – – – Tommy Thomas or John Johnson or William Williams.”

But I drift.

So this Galileo guy – – – what could he use this info for. He had to assume a right triangle. Otherwise he wouldn’t be able to figure out anything.

And if he used a right triangle how would he know the values of “A”, “B” or “C”?

Well, I suppose he could estimate the angles – – – and if he had a table of Sines or CoSines and such he could figure out the relationship between “A”, “B” and “C”. But relationships and relativity had not yet been invented (except by my Uncle who said he had relationships out of town.)

So now poor old Galileo had some basic information to work with. And the next day he went out to repeat the experiment. But loe and behold (sort of like alack and alas) the angles all changed. So he went back into his abode and wept bitterly.

And, being a strong willed Italian (just ask the Pope), he decided to double check to see where he may have gone wrong. And VIOLA! just like that the angles changed at the same rate as the day before. And now he not only had the angles figured out but also the rate of daily change of the angles.

And then winter came! Everything started turning upside down and on its head. Poor old Galileo had to start all over again.  (Please ignore my last four sentences which I started with the word ‘And’. Old Mrs. MacElhenny from grade school English would whip me with that rubber hose – – – again – – – if she knew I did such a thing.)

But then Galileo noticed that the pattern was starting to repeat itself, but in reverse order!

And the rest is history science.

And (sorry Mrs. MacElhenny) what did I get out of all this cogitation?

I now know that the moon is more important than the sun!  WHY?

Because the moon comes out at night when it is dark and we need the light while the sun only comes out in the daytime when it is not needed.


Oh Spring! Where Art Thou?

18 Feb




Our diviner; Phil of Punxsutawneyous,

should tell us if Spring will be punctilious,

but how could a groundhog know this?

For intelligent humans it is so silly of us.


It makes us look like Italo Punchinello,

That hunchbacked buffoonish fellow,

Could he be Pinocchio’s evil alter ego?

Or did Geppetto divine Italo from a cello?


Yet here we are amidst human pusillanimity,

where debaters speak common unanimity,

gathered from a network of various polity,

Each claims they have a unique equanimity.


They use their flying hands as punctuations,

their advisors insist; ‘these are obligations.’

Some bark like a dog during their orations,

while others use pregnant pause for ovations.


So again I beseech; Oh Spring. Where Art Thou?

Behold the screech of politicians and the snowplow!

Wilst I plot for a trip to Cancun or Curacao?

I cannot hesitate; Oh Spring; Of Thee I disavow.


SMILE (and the world will be convinced that you are nuts)

1 Feb




Playing With a New Deck

10 Jan

Ace of Spades


Ace of clubs

Ace of hearts


Ace of diamonds


Playing Cards

For the Cognitive Impaired