Oh Spring! Where Art Thou?

18 Feb




Our diviner; Phil of Punxsutawneyous,

should tell us if Spring will be punctilious,

but how could a groundhog know this?

For intelligent humans it is so silly of us.


It makes us look like Italo Punchinello,

That hunchbacked buffoonish fellow,

Could he be Pinocchio’s evil alter ego?

Or did Geppetto divine Italo from a cello?


Yet here we are amidst human pusillanimity,

where debaters speak common unanimity,

gathered from a network of various polity,

Each claims they have a unique equanimity.


They use their flying hands as punctuations,

their advisors insist; ‘these are obligations.’

Some bark like a dog during their orations,

while others use pregnant pause for ovations.


So again I beseech; Oh Spring. Where Art Thou?

Behold the screech of politicians and the snowplow!

Wilst I plot for a trip to Cancun or Curacao?

I cannot hesitate; Oh Spring; Of Thee I disavow.


SMILE (and the world will be convinced that you are nuts)

1 Feb




Playing With a New Deck

10 Jan

Ace of Spades


Ace of clubs

Ace of hearts


Ace of diamonds


Playing Cards

For the Cognitive Impaired



5 Jan



Ya gotta click on it ta see it.

Please; no yukking it up at my expense.


My Wall of Shame

BooHoo                                                                                       CLICK THE NICE MAN!


Hashpy Nush Year; hic

31 Dec

The End

31 Dec

Happy New Year to you

Happy New Year to you,

Happy New Year lagging book sales,

Happy New Year to you.


How long since you sold?

How long since you sold?

Two fortnights and thirteen,

It’s getting worrysome and old.


How can we all fix it,

How can we all fix it?

It’s really quite simple,

Find the red X and clicks it.



Wired Kid


31 Dec

the end

Good riddance to old vexations.