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5 Apr



None touching the other. None responding – – –  for there was nothing to respond to.

They saw space ships made of wood. Portals opened up  – – – when the airplanes descended upon them.

From each portal a fifty pound canon appeared. And it fired upon the airplanes – – – with zero results.

And they looked into each other’s eyes – – – his brown – – – hers blue – – – and they wept.

Not because of the battle of the steampunk air battle – – – but because they knew that steampunk would be their downfall.

He kept a wall cabinet full of gears, telescopes, leather pilot’s helmets, and eye pieces.

She kept a wardrobe full of Elizabethan gowns, bodices, garters and chastity belts.

He knew – – – that even with all the mechanical advantages that he held in his cabinet – – – he would never remove any of the accoutrements that she had selected to wear on that special evening.

But there they were – – – stuck in steampunk. She wishing to rub against him. He wishing to engage in The Naughty.

Sir Reginald Pike Deviant sang his “Mustache Song” 

while Abney Park was parking with his sweetie on lover’s lane.

And there they were; stuck in steampunk. And how were they to escape?

He pulled out his six shooter – – – loaded (all six cylinders) with nothing but smoke.

She pulled out her braided horse whip.

He asked: “Is that for you or for me.”

She responded:  “Me”

He fell in love all over again.

And then he found that she was the dear departed wife of the doctor.

And they lived happily ever after.